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 RADAR-Earth Globe Live


Photo credit: NOAA  Satellite credit: USA Tax payers

Q-Burst Lightning Radar

These three photos captured by 'Thomas Ashcraft' at his lab in New Mexico,

were created by Q-burst lightning events.  Events like this are being received and plotted

in real time by this site in San Antonio Texas, and one site in Sweden.  This is not

caused by "Normal lightning"!  These are called TLE events.  They are just millisecond

 long blinks of light above the clouds.  Special equipment was required to capture these photos.

See more of his great work at this website.  >>>




Test page   >>>

The first truly operational 2 station Lightning radar using Q-Burst on the Earths Cavity frequency of 7.8 Hz.

(Station locations are San Antonio Texas and South of Stockholm Sweden)

This is a picture of the DSP receiver.


Real time with 10 minute updates

All Q-burst results page.   >>>


It is natural to try and equate these as the same.  They really are three different things!


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Non Schumann TOA Systems

 USA TOA (Non Commercial) HOBBY LIGHTNING NETWORK. These pages are in support of the USA TOA system.

(For non commercial personal weather stations and research.) network  now in the USA.  (This is where you get your station hardware to join this normal TOA type network!)



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