Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 6163 Weather Station

All the links and pictures below concerns a new experimental method of monster lightning detection and plotting in real time.

(Since it has never been done before most things are a development effort.)

Wind speed / Radar


Photo credit: NOAA  Satellite credit: USA Tax payers

Q-Burst Lightning Radar

These Sprites are a by product of the largest of the Q-burst lightning's.

For full size photos click on the pictures

The first truly operational 2 station Lightning radar using Q-Burst on the Earths Cavity frequency of 7.8 Hz.

(Station locations are San Antonio Texas and South of Stockholm Sweden)

Real time with 10 minute updates

All Q-burst results page.   >>>


It is natural to try and equate these as the same.  They really are three different things!


Gateways to other items.




 New DIY project for winding large ferrite antennas. >>>

Sweden / SM5LE Schumann Experimentation Page   >>>  (Second  Ever  Schumann Radar Station)

Explanation of the types of lightning detection systems  >>>

LR Hobby Pages (Old original 10 kHz information Not Schumann related)   >>> 

Links of interest to the hobby.  >>>

A new mode is developed for Schumann Q-burst Radar.  >>>



Photo credit "U.S. Department of Energy"


Non Schumann TOA Systems

 USA TOA (Non Commercial) HOBBY LIGHTNING NETWORK. These pages are in support of the USA TOA system.

(For non commercial personal weather stations and research.) network  now in the USA.  (This is where you get your station hardware to join this normal TOA type network!)



Curb radar for  Dodge Challenger and other curb smashing car owners.  >>>

The Challenger has five inches ground clearance. Lower than most curbs! Big repair bills!


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